Fatherhood Resources

The job of a husband and father can be downright challenging.  Every day seems to bring a new set of hurdles.  Most of us become frustrated from time to time.  We make mistakes.  But so does every parent.  This was true even during biblical times.  Some of the most celebrated heroes of the Old Testament, like Isaac and King David, made regrettable decisions.  Isaac favored one of his children and created family strife; David committed adultery.  Despite these mistakes, God accomplished some of His great work through these men and their sons.  So, have hope!  God can do great things through you as a father, regardless of any mistake or decision you have made.  With God's Word as the guide, we want to help you be the husband and father that our Lord and Savior has destined you to be.

This page contains a variety of fatherhood resources.  Below you will find links to Christian fatherhood websites and suggested reading.

Check back frequently.  We hope to keep our resources current and relevant.

Christian Fatherhood Links

These links address a variety of issues facing fathers, from parenting and counseling your kids to adult-related struggles and bad habits. 






Suggested Reading

I Dare You To Change, Bil Cornelius

The Measure of a Man, Gene Getz