Welcome to St. Paul Baptist Church website.  St. Paul is a church that welcomes people from all backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. St. Paul is all about people just like you- we are diverse, multi-cultural, young, old, rich, not-so-rich, married, single, with or without kids.  No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, whether you grew up in church, been to church many times in the past or this is your first look inside a church, St. Paul has something for you. St. Paul is a church where people can be themselves.  Nobody is forced to look like, act like, or talk like each other.  St. Paul is a place where people can experience a lBRADENife changing encounter with God.  We are a church that is made up of less than complete people, just like you, following Jesus. 


 St. Paul is a spiritual hospital where hurts are healed, needs are met, and dreams become reality.   All of us have this in common; we love Jesus with all our heart, we believe his word, and we want everyone to know how good he is.  When you come to St. Paul you will experience amazing music and our messages are always challenging, relevant and never boring.  We present relevant biblical messages about issues that people deal with in their everyday life.  We are especially open to people who have for whatever reason never gone to church or who have dropped out along the way.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere where people, who might have been “turned off” by church in the past, can come and feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcome, so if you are looking for a church home look no further.


 As you browse our site,  remember that no matter where you are in life you are welcome here. St. Paul website will not only answer many of the questions you might have, but it will provide you with a good overview of our church.  We want you to join us this Sunday and start praying about whether this congregation may be the place where you can become personally involved in the body of Christ.  If we can be of any assistance to you, please send us an email at stpaulbc.austintx@gmail.com or call us at 512-453-5171 and let us serve you.









God uses ordinary people do do extraordinary things. Are you ready to be used by Him?

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