Kids..We Love em.... From the babies where we provide an environment that is secure, satisfying, and enriched with love - one which will give your baby experiences necessary for spiritual growth - to the older kids, thru activities and teaching DIRECT kids into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to INSPIRE them to worship Him daily. Leaders will provide opportunities for them to RELATE with other kids and EQUIP them to serve God through their gifts and abilities. As kids begin to CONNECT God's truth to their lives, they will be challenged to TELL others in their community about Christ.

St. Paul Baptist Church exists to “Connect the Unconnected to Christ and together grow in full devotion in him.” We accomplish this mission by challenging kids to Plug In to God and others through a weekend experience, Charge Up to be like Christ through a small group, and to Live Out their faith.

St. Paul Baptist Church is dedicated to helping your child grasp these five big ideas:

1. Made to Know God
God shaped each of us in his image. We were made to know him as a forgiver, friend, and leader.

2. Take a Step
Your relationship with Jesus must be moving forward. Don’t stand still. Keep growing and taking steps to know God more.

3. Shape Your Relationships
Your life will influence and be influenced by your relationships.

4. Make the Wise Choice
The decisions you make directly impact the course of your life and your relationship with God.

5. Be a Difference-Maker
God is using us to change the world. You are here for a purpose.