Pastor Melvin S. Manor Sr.


God Made Me


 He Looked Beyond All Of My Faults And Saw My Need- Pastor Manor and Darlene Manor

Lord Help me to Hold Out

 Don't Do It Without Me


 I Need A Touch From You

 It's In My Heart 08/14/2011

 Hold On A Change Is Coming 06052011


Lord Help Me To Hold Out 05302011 


God Will Take Care Of You 

 My Soul Is Anchored In The Lord


I Have A Blessing 


Walk With Me Jesus 

Hold On A Change Is Coming 


Shine On Me 


Without God


The Lord Will Make A Way Some How 

 St. Paul Baptist Church is a church that trives to do things, God's Way!  Our community is in need of solutions to all of life's challenges and what better way to exerience them than to embrace the Word of God for directions.  "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not to thy own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him and he will direct thy paths." (Proverb 3:5 &6)

I believe that as a body of believers, we should live the Word of God in our everyday lives.  We should live the Word of God in our homes, communities, jobs, schools and churches.  We believe that in order to accomplish this we need to apply the Word of God by doing things God's Way!

The Word of God is the essential tool for ministry and to be successful in ministry is to be able, with the aide of the Holy spirit, to educate oneself with the Word for application in the lives of every believer and also serve in witnessing to non-believers.

Being an Austinite myself, I fine it a blessing all by it's self to be able to minister in the place of my beginnings.

So I take pleasure in serving in the same city in which I was born and reared.  I am enjoying the privilege of ministering at St. Paul which is located in the placesof my birth and be able to minister to God's people.  So I invite you to come and grow with us in Christ as we promote to do things "God's Way".


Be Blessed,


Melvin S. Manor, Sr




I Won't Complain

The Lord Will Make A Way Some How- Pastor Manor  


I've Got My Mind Stayed On Jesus

I Need You To Survive 


Lord Help Me To Hold Out

I Woke Up This Morning My Mind Stayed On Jesus- SPBC 


I'm So Glad 

Don't Do It Without Me

 The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow


 Don't Do It Without Me

Never Would Have Made it

I Woke Up This Morning With Jesus On My Mind

I Won't Complain 


He Has Done Enough 

I'll Wave My Hands- Dec Jurrells and Pastor Manor

 It's In My Heart

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