SPBC Choir Meets Every Thursday at 7pm



Just Having Church and Praising His Name

 We Come To Praise His Name- St. Paul Baptist Church Choir- Austin Texas

 God Has Been So Good and Greatfulness

 God Made Me

He Lives Within My Heart

God Made Me Who I Am 


 Hold On Change Is Coming- Womens Day Afternoon Service

Hold On A Change Is Coming

 Spirit Of The Living God 

 We Come To Praise The Lord

God Did That Thing

 Lord I Want To Be In Your Will 06052011

 Lord You Created Me To Worship You 05302011

 Lord Help Me To Hold Out 05302011

 Lord Help Me To Hold Out 0512011


That's Love 

Jesus Lives Within My Heart 

I Know It Was The Blood 

 I Woke Up This Morning With Mind Stayed On Jesus- SPBC

Gratefulness- SPBC Choir Austin TX 

 God Did That Thing

God Favors Me 

It Can't Stay Dark Always

God Is Able 

I Have A Blessing 

 I Just Want To Tell You

 We Come To Praise His Name

He Lives Within My Heart 

 If The Lord Never Does Anything Else For Me He Has Done Enough

 I Have So Much To Be Thankful For


 So Glad To Be Here

 SPBC Choir 2010

There is A Leak In This Old Building 

 Fill This Place



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