“We are a church committed to demonstrating God’s love to the world…”   These words repeated each Sunday by the Faith Fellowship congregation echo throughout the history and into the future of Faith Fellowship Ministries. This is the vision of Pastor and founder David T. Demola, and the rallying point of numerous fervently-committed men and women of God who work diligently to see it come to pass.

       In many ways the vision is being fulfilled. Pastor Demola has sought to reflect the light of Jesus in both creative and conventional ways that have reached beyond New Jersey to the entire world.

       The church is not the building where the congregation worships, but it’s the people of God who gather together to fellowship, serve and fulfill the vision. “Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others" (Rom. 12:4-5). A committed body is key to fulfilling a vision, and over the years, the body of Faith Fellowship has been committed to God, Pastor Demola and the vision, submitting its various gifts and talents to the work of the ministry.

       Faith without works is dead, and we live in a world that doesn’t trust people by their words, but by their actions. Therefore, Faith Fellowship has sought not just to love in word, but in deed. A hurting world needs to experience the unconditional love of Jesus. Faith Fellowship has done this and continues to do it through the congregation giving of its time, talent and resources. Not staying within the confines of the building, the church reaches out to the world to fulfill the vision.


 Pastor Manor has always been committed to seeing people grow up in the fullness of God, thus he doesn’t settle at making converts, he desires disciples. The church is committed to not just getting people saved, but continuing to teach and train them so they can become “disciplined” followers of Christ. It is God’s desire to see us grow from faith to faith and glory to glory, and the church has set out to give people a strong foundation in the Word of God so they can fulfill the call of God on their lives.

       More than 25 years of the vision being carried out with excellence, we look forward to a future filled with testimonies of freedom from bondage, souls being saved and so much more then we can ask, hope or think.

       The vision is our rallying point; we’ve seen the power of God, we’ve experienced His presence, and we turn our attention to the future for even greater things as we continue to hear the faint but sure echo of those words recited over and over again: “We are a church committed to demonstrating God’s love to the world in the spirit of unity, bringing salvation to the lost and discipling believers.

our vision

It is our dream and goal that by the grace of God and the empowering of the Holy Spirit the Church on the Eastern Shore will:

  1. Be a loving, safe place where those who are hurting, discouraged, confused, lonely, needy, or frustrated can find acceptance, love, guidance, forgiveness, help, and hope.
  2. Share the life-changing Good News of Jesus with tens of thousands of residents in Baldwin County.
  3. Welcome thousands of members from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds into the fellowship of our church family – loving, laughing, learning, and living in harmony together.
  4. Develop people to spiritual maturity through Bible studies, small groups, retreats, and mentoring relationships.
  5. Equip every member for ministry by helping them to regularly exercise personal spiritual disciplines and to discover their gifts and abilities.
  6. Send out hundreds of career missionaries and church planters around the world and thousands of members on short-term mission projects across the United States and around the globe.
  7. Plant new churches and/or satellite campuses.
  8. Bring God’s healing power and deliverance to those who are sick, oppressed chemically-dependent, abused, or emotionally scarred.
  9. Serve other churches and their ministers by being a source of encouragement, resources, and training and by providing regional ministry events open to churches and ministers of various denominations.
  10. Glorify the Lord through the godly lifestyles of its members and through our passionate pursuit of fresh encounters with God each time that we gather for worship.

Connect to God

Our weekend worship services are designed for you to connect to God in a real and personal way. Thus, we place a high priority on biblical teaching and engaging worship.

Connect to Others

We also believe that people need connect to others, that spiritual growth happens in biblical community. Our Small Groups are designed to place you in an environment where people challenge and care for one another.

Connect to Ministry

We have a strong conviction that all CF should connect to ministry. Serving is vital for your spiritual growth, and you have the honor of contributing to the body of Christ through one of our volunteer teams.

Connect to World

Finally, we believe that God commands believers to connect to the world. We are a church throughout Miami, for Miami. Our Small Groups serve our immediate communities, the under-resourced, and hurting through service projects we call “reach beyonds.”