St. Paul's Church History 

1948 Members

2017 Members


St. Paul Baptist Church began with a vision and hope from White Walnut Creek Church on U.S. Highway 183. St. Paul’s first church home was located one block south of where DELL computer outlet stands. In that same area today lays a cemetery that holds a full history regarding the pioneers of St. Paul.

St. Paul was founded by Rev. Ward, Rev. Jake Fountain, Rev. Steven Smith, Brother Bill Cleveland, Deacon Burrell Adams, Brother Alfred Anderson and Sister Francis Adams. It was with great sacrifice and faith that these few were able to lay the foundation that has stood now for 137 years.

Rev. Steven Smith was the first pastor to serve at St. Paul. Those serving as deacons were Burrell Adams, Charles Harris, Ben McKenzie, Ben Cleveland and Alfred Anderson. Other pastors to serve after Rev. Steven Smith at this first Location were Rev. H.E. Edgar, Rev. J.S. Hansbrough, Rev. A.R. Walker, Rev. A.K. Black, Rev. R.R. Reese, Rev. E.M. Franklin and Rev. Boyd Hansbrough. Let us not forget those deacons that served as well; Ned Cleveland, Joe Gibson, James Dean Sr., John Manor, Howard King and George King.

During the pastorage of Rev. Boyd D. Hansbrough, God gave him a vision to relocate the church in 1951 to our present location; history has proven this present location of 501 Blackson Avenue to be very fruitful. Thank God for the leadership of Pastor Hansbrough from labor to reward. Rev. J.H. Penn became the pastor after the loss of Pastor Hansbrough. Other pastors that followed Pastor Penn were Rev. A.R. Hargrove, Rev. R.L. Smith, Rev. L.L. Caldwell, Rev. J.E. Williams, Rev. W.R. Benford, Rev. Dale Jackson and currently serving is Rev. M.S. Manor. Other deacons who have served at St. Paul are as follows: Eugene Sterling, Andrew Ray, Cleveland Barton, Sidney Piper, David Taylor, Benny Williams, Hollis Moffett, Willie Cathey, Morise Dixon Sr., James Dean Jr., Herbert Reed Sr., A.C. Cleveland, Roy Herbert, Leroy Allen and Ira Jurrells Sr. Presently we thank God for Ira Jurrells Jr., Horace Dixon Sr., Arthur Wright Jr., Malcolm Williams, David Neal, Wayne Jurrells and Gary McCray.

St. Paul Baptist Church is a body of baptized believers that are being molded for God’s purpose. We have come this far by faith and the Lord continues to bless us daily. St. Paul has stood for 143 years and will continue to stand in the name of the Lord. We can definitely see that God is blessing us right now. The blessing of the Lord has rightly been bestowed upon us because we strive to do things "God’s Way" as God’s church witnessing in the midst of suffering.

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