The Question is: Where do you fit?


St. Paul is here to help  you discover your destiny.  Church isn't just something you do on weekends.  It's the place you start learning to live out the higher purpose God has for you.  If you're not involved at St. Paul in a way that brings you joy, then we have a picture with a piece missing.  That piece is you.  Many people we've talked to feel like they want to be involved, but say, 'I just don't know where I would fit in!  I don't want to do ______, but I'm not sure what I want to do.  I do want to help!" Not a problem.  We'll talk to you, find out where God wants you (based on what brings you joy), and then make sure you have all the tools you need to feel comfortable serving.  Another issue people oftern have is worrying that they aren't "members" at this church.  That's not a problem either!  We don't require you to go through our membership classes or become a member to serve.  As far as we can tell, you won't find church membership as a criterion to serve Jesus anywhere in the Bible!  What you will find is that God is looking for willing servants to work in his fields.  So that's all we're looking for.  here is a list of a few possibilities to get your mind going.  You might think of something not listed so let us know!  We're happy to plug you in whereever God is calling you to serve.  Once you've decided you'd like to join, all yo need to do is attend one of our Sunday service.  Towards the end of the service during the invitation, come forward to the altar, and Pastor Manor will be there to help you.  Here is where you can fit in.

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Where Would You Like To Serve?

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